WOW prompt -I am Water – The unknown Autobiography


I am Water – The unknown Autobiography

I am the River which affects many human lives. I am used in irrigation and for drinking, and maintain the moisture of the earth. I have been contributing a lot to transportation as well. Ironically, today the same cities have become a bane for the rivers. I have a system to purge myself. When the filth crosses a certain limit, the self-purification mechanism fails. Here begins the problem. Today, a number of big rivers meandering along cities have become a sort of sewage canal.


I am a big need for all human beings. Plants cannot live without me. Animals and man need me to survive but I am being used heavily polluted. Industrial wastes being thrown into me, which damage the coral reefs and affects the sea creatures which reside in me. During summer, the water table decreases and crisis for me increases a lot. My soul gets ruptured, used, abused, and manipulated by governments and big corporate houses.

Can I not be conserved and used properly or can you please let me be in my flow? More than 800 million people in almost 40 countries suffer from water scarcity. Restriction should be imposes to artificial waterfalls, fountains, filling of swimming pools, washing vehicles and large water usage areas such as hotels and restaurants. The accessibility of fresh water is an important social justice issue, and this becomes increasingly the case as fresh water supplies become scarce.


Give respect to mother water. Don’t manipulate and exploit her. What goes around will come around. Water is not only a cosmic mirror reflecting all of creation back to itself in images of lakeside trees, animals that come for a drink, and the ever-changing water-bearing sky, but also a mirror for the inward-looking eyes of the human soul. Grateful is larger than life. I am grateful to all the water bodies.

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Life goes On – “खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं”


Life goes On – “खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं”


Moving across the bustling road of my city , I came across many people having their own interpretation of life, searching their own lexicon to give a new meaning to life…..some of them facing pitfalls………potholes , phobias, camouflaging their intentions, guilt, hiding their obnoxiousness and disparaging attitude.

While strolling towards Ashoka Talkies Road , I saw two beautiful women having penetrating eyes which speak volumes without noticing and acknowledging me ………..Its a pity, quite pathetic, a misery……so sad…..But life has no full stop….no red light……it has to move on finding its own way in an untrodden path….I was in a deep thoughtful mood witnessing my imaginations and ideas turning into reality. While sharing a cup of black raw coffee with my loneliness many ideas cropped up…….fighting with my inhibitions,phobias,a sense of guilt, something sinister…..horrendous ……..facing the music and dictates of life………

Finally, thought it was no use kicking against the pricks or kicking up a row/fuss with life. A sense of realization surrounded me…
Black raw coffee boasted my spirit level….I jumped up like an alien with full gutso and enthusiasm……a relief to my downs and lows…….waving a good bye……..Life has to move on………There is a song….by Gulzar —राह पे रहते हैं यादों पे बसर करते हैं ,खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं !




 Life -- A Joke

First of all I was blogging earlier but not with gusto but when I see #Blogchatter on twitter a spell of energy flowed. This is my first #ATOZCHALLENGE and I ‘m thrilled. What I find is participating in these themes and challenges are extremely creative and spontaneity is well managed. I have no particular theme but I would like to write on philosophy, travel and books. It is very difficult to write everyday because of work schedule as a lawyer but lawyers are good story tellers and my passion to write on different subjects on law, politics, human rights issues, culture, literature and poetry on and off keeps me occupied.

I would like to share with you a quote by Osho that really spoke to my heart and inspired me this morning: “Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed – even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies. Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favourable circumstances, unfavourable circumstances – all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed and become a Buddha. Be grateful to all. To those who have helped, to those who have hindered, to those who have been indifferent. Be grateful to all, because altogether they are creating the contexts in which Buddhas are born – in which you can become a Buddha.” We are all unique expressions of the whole; essentially ONE soul

The world changes. Life moves on. There are always new things to do and learn. Changes means we’re always beginners in some ways. We need to ask for wisdom and courage. We get it by listening, by praying, by meditating. I appreciate and conclude with the words of Paramhamsa Satyananda

All is Thy will.

Thy will be done.

Whether you raise me

To the height of spiritual glory,

Or you throw me down

Into the abyss of hell,

I accept it,

Readily, happily, with pleasure,

Because that is Thy will.

I am the chariot,

You are the charioteer.

I am the horse,

You are the master.

Keep me as you like.

Use me, misuse me or abuse me,

I have nothing to defend.








My Comfort Zone is being uncomfortable

WOW: Out Of My Comfort Zone


It is said anything we want to achieve or grow, we have to come out of the comfort zone. Comfort zone is neither a good or bad thing. It’s a natural state that most people trend towards. If you cross fear, you will the Sun shining. Every ups and downs of our life is a evolutionary process. Stepping out of the comfort level means to face life in a different perspective, in a managed way, not by pushing oneself hard or in a stressed way.

No matter how much we grow, where we go, or how old we get, there is someone else above, someone bigger, pushing us in this direction or that. When you take responsibility for fulfilling your destiny and begin acting with the intention of doing so, you not only take fate into your own hands, but also you become the hands of your own fate. There are no perfect days. We have struggled hard against this truth.   The moments of our lives have been very tasty. Some were sweet, some were a bit salty, and there were always wholly unexpected moments, the surprises that we were ready for even though  we may not have imagined as much.  We can look forward to the same daily agenda throughout the remaining years. Does it help to know that there is a divine plan unfolding in our lives?

If you are not out of your comfort level, you won’t grow much. Being honest with oneself is the foremost priority. One has to take a inventory or review his/her entire day work very honestly without involving. It is like cleaning the slate. Breaking your own mold can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life. Doing something that challenges you gives you a whole different outlook and makes you more receptive to change. The way to overcome fear is to come out of the comfort zone and face the uncomfortable and that will make you fearless. So coming out of comfort zone is a better option than staying in the cocoon.

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Exam excitement and fear go hand in hand


Exam excitement and fear go hand in hand

When we think of exams life is an exam isn’t it. I remember my school days and college years and exams at regular intervals. It brings a certain sense of euphoria and at times scary. Pass or fail! I remember my Std– 10th exam. It was on the day of Holi. The liveliness of colour and the fear of exam. A sleepless night can make you peevish and moody. There is no greater creative mind in this world than a bored and dull student. I was not studious.  I was young and had other things on my mind. The class had a midterm and a final.

I remember during my school days I had a crush on one my classmate. She was sitting behind me during the exam. We often have different centres during std 10th cbse exam. One can feel how romantic the moment. Eyes on exam papers and mind on her. I remember one time I actually studied and got a 2nd division . I was so totally shocked and wondered why I hadn’t done that for the previous twenty years.

But I find life is the greatest test. One after another you have to sit for the exam papers of life. Challenges, failures evolve you as a person. Success is a different matter. I have seen boys who scored high is papers, they have failed miserably in their personal lives. So it depends. A balance is needed. A world populated by souls that have demonstrated that their intentions are good and that they put the love and care of others first. Imagine a world like that. Let go of the fears of deprivation, of doing without, that haunt you from the past. Having more and more won’t solve your problem if what you need is to heal your fears. Look around with love at your life and the people in it. If you open your heart and look without fear, you may see that you have enough now.Let’s God’s will be done!


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Three Things That I Will Burn This Weekend

WOW Prompt- Three Things That I Will Burn This Weekend

Life is always a roller coaster. Life is not without pain and travail. They are necessary to new awareness which prompts growth. And the gift of growth is joy. Pain and joy are thus intertwined. It is possible to feel only the burden of pain and not the exhilaration of joy, however. My new life has given me this new option. It guarantees me that every hurdle will be lightened. The knowledge that joy is inherent, within every experience, is mine, now and forever.

I want to burn three things that I want to burn this weekend, i.e., anger, jealousy , criticism. With reference to Holika .,  Holika coaxed young Prahlad to sit in her lap and she herself took her seat in a blazing fire. The legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her sinister desire by her life. Holika was not aware that the boon worked only when she entered the fire alone. Prahlad, who kept chanting the name of Lord Naarayana all this while, came out unharmed, as the lord blessed him for his extreme devotion. Thus, Holi derives its name from Holika. And, is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil.Holi is also celebrated as the triumph of a devotee. As the legend depicts that anybody, howsoever strong, cannot harm a true devotee. And, those who dare torture a true devotee of god shall be reduced to ashes. I want to burn all these three evils of my life into the fire. Let flag of Holy wave high in Thy name.

I was so compulsive and obsessive not only about the things that I believed in but also about the things I didn’t believe in. I was extreme. Everything I did was exaggerated. I either raced through life at ten thousand miles an hour or was in neutral. Balance was absent.I lost everything due my anger, my career , my love and what not . I am a work in progress. The business of anger and resentment is infinitely grave. That may be dubious luxury for others but not for me. We should look for spiritual progress not for spiritual perfection. The spiritual life is not a theory, we have to live it. Serenity is like a gyroscope that lets us keep our balance no matter what the turbulence swirls around us. It is a realistic way of seeing the world , accompanied by inner peace , strength and acceptance. And that is a state of mind – one pointedness , worth aiming for.

Every day is a day when I must go along with the vision of God’s will into all of my activities and affairs of life. “How can I best serve Thee—Thy will ,not mine,be done.” These are thoughts which must go with me constantly. I can exercise my willpower along this line all I wish. It is the proper use of the will.

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Book(S) I LoVE


 I Inspire – A Journey of Recovery and Healing 

This is the story of a brave soul who managed to survive the battle of Cancer. The idea of using spiritual practices to help people recovering from cancer is a miracle in itself. Acceptance of the disease is the point where recovery starts. The tools of spirituality are open for anyone to use no matter which path they choose in recovery. It is recommended that the individual experiments with these spiritual practices until they find what works best for them. “I Inspire “ is not only inspiring but a brave journey of Neerja Malik  towards self discovery and healing . Spiritual life is not a theory, it works, but we have to live it and it is worth.

There is a saying , “ This , too shall pass .” In essence, it means not to judge the situations that you may find yourself in, whether it is pleasant, unpleasant, sad or disappointing. By uttering these words to yourself, you will realize for yourself that every feeling, emotion, thought or situation in life is temporary. It also teaches us about acceptance, to not resist and to accept whatever we may be facing in our life. At a deeper level, if we can come to realization that life is impermanent, the better off we will be. We have to flow with life, adjust to change or circumstances, and realize that, nothing that I have in this world is a guarantee. We strive to meet our journey in life wisely – only when we keep in mind life’s ebbs and flows. Whether it is disappointing, frustrating or a pleasant experience it will soon come and pass away.

We often ask in desperation, Why, me God? And this is real. We absorb our beliefs from our parents, teachers, life experiences, books, etc. Some of what we have come to believe may sound right, but in reality our views might be too narrowly defined or inaccurate. We have bought into many ideas and concepts that distort our right thinking and actually work against us. We are quick to judge the event as good or bad. What if we were to eliminate the possibility that anything that happens to us is inherently bad and choose to believe that everything that happens to us is always good? Somewhere in our belief system, we may have come to believe that we deserve to be blessed because we have been diligent to honor God, been a good person, fed the hungry, or helped our neighbor. We often believe that the things we do should keep us from harm’s way. Then when something bad happens, we are confused and ask God why. You are not alone. God has not abandoned you and He has not singled you out, no matter how you feel right now. Whatever you are going through, God’s promise is that He will see you through and give you the strength and direction you need. Surrender; the place that those of us on a spiritual path call home , THY WIIL , NOT MINE ,BE DONE is the message of Neerja Malik . Finally, spirituality is an inner path enabling a person to discover his/her being.




The calling is a journey of a troubled and unstable soul. In fact we are in the same boat as Arjun is. Coping family, job and life , finally a person hits his rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom is bouncing back. Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom because you will discover that He is at the bottom.

Sometimes we’re mistaken about the source of our unhappiness. We walk around with a short fuse, ready to explode if anyone crosses our path. Then, when we do explode, we think it is the other person’s fault. At other times we have frightening physical reactions and worry that something is wrong with our bodies. But we are not aware that a deeper feeling of not being able to stand ourselves causes the problem. Most of us have problems accepting ourselves. When we make peace with our consciences, some of our problems vanish. Other problems may never disappear, but our pain is eased because our inner battle has ceased and we have the energy we need to cope.

We all have our callings, some are aware and some are not. The karmic cycle , we get what we have done . It is very simple. We don’t many wrongs being unaware. Unacceptance of our mental slavery, we land in abyss. We have lost our inner voice in the cacophony of life. It not something physical rather it is an emotional and spiritual place within us.

Arjun’s life like ours is too busy , anxieties are too great, the whisper of the Sadhu ( inner voice )tends to become louder. It becomes a knock. And sometimes it becomes a ton of bricks falling on the head or a sickness that forces one to slow down and listen.

We can learn to listen for this voice. We can withdraw from the mundane of the world and cacophony of our mind, even if only for a moment, to stop and breathe – to meditate. Meditation is the silencing of the mind so one can hear one’s own life speaking to us. Meditation helps us reach a deeper place within ourselves where we can bring forth new revelations and visions, deeper insights and healing, greater love and peace. Meditation will provide a roadmap to our calling.

Our own discovery is important in life rather than others or reforming others. Introspection, inventories while meditating, we recognise our wrongs and try to make amend on that. That’s why spirituality is selfish. Self care is a divine responsibility. Because if we are ok than we can take care of others. So this priority. First things first. Abandoning one’s will to God’s will ( Ishwara Pranidhana) is highest practice one can do to cultivate spiritual awareness . is not only a mental sadhana. Outer changes also help to attain ishwara pranidhana ( Thy will be done ). What made St Francis of Assisi a saint? It was not his realization of God or Christ, or religion, or his compassion and love. It was the vow he had taken of poverty and chastity. To move from a life of luxury to a life of poverty and to maintain the discipline is very difficult. Do we have the capacity to make external changes in our life, to take a vow and live it, or are we too weak and infirm? A vow, or vrat, reflects a change in lifestyle. Test yourself. Undergo a little physical hardship. One night a week sleep on a mattress on the floor. One day a week miss one meal and have something light to eat for the next. In this manner by adjusting certain situations and conditions and disciplining yourself little by little, you will find that your lifestyle will influence your mind and your mental receptivity.

This what The Calling – Unleash Your True Self authored by Priya Kumar is all about a journey of freedom and a journey of self discovery.



I am 16 I can rape – A novel

Kirtida is a clinical psychologist turned screenplay writer who completed her education from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, India. Her passion for psychology and writing inspired her into writing psychological thrillers. A social message is hidden in the book which compels the reader to think again and again.  Rape laws in order to be of great deterrence, must have a cooperative victim, professional investigation, diligent prosecution; and an expeditious trial. For otherwise it shall not be the law, that fails, but the applicants, the process and application. What makes rape sentencing different from sentencing for other crimes? Unlike other offences, the crime of rape carries its own baggage. Over the years, stereotypical and patriarchal notions have developed with regard to women’s sexual behavior. Most of these notions are based on the assumption that the chastity and virginity of a woman are her most important “assets.” Popular notions consider rape as a fate worse than death since it robs women of these “virtues” and casts a stigma over victims for the rest of their lives. In these imaginations, rape is not a crime against a woman’s sexual autonomy or bodily integrity, but an irreparable loss to her chastity, “modesty,” and social standing.

The novel #IAm16ICanRape: The War Against Rape Culture questions the juvenile justice system of India and raises opinion against growing rape culture. The author said , “When I read about the Nirbhaya rape case in the newspaper, like many Indians, I felt terrible rage towards the people who tortured her. But what baffled me the most was the fact that the state was not considering the severity of the crime while deciding the punishment for the juvenile in the case. I studied gender violence and juvenile delinquency for two years to figure out if the action of the state makes sense. Even though my knowledge about gender violence has increased a lot, as a psychologist, I still think that it is an inappropriate lethargy on the part of the state to provide the juvenile justice system umbrella to the youth of the country. The state is doing a disservice to the youth by playing the Blind father Dhrithrashtra.

The law of rape is not just a few sentences. It is a whole book, which has clearly demarcated chapters and cannot be read selectively. We cannot read the preamble and suddenly reach the last chapter and claim to have understood and applied it.

However, Justice Verma commission has pointed out some changes, broadening the definition of consent, so a woman’s failure to resist physically can no longer be regarded as consent, and requiring “unequivocal voluntary agreement” to sexual activity; a victim’s sexual history is no longer considered relevant and she cannot be cross-examined about it or her “moral character”; rapes can be committed by more than penises, in that they can include objects used as substitutes for a phallus; while the archaic idea of “outraging the modesty of a woman” remains in the law, there are new sentences of one to three years for offensive touching, gestures or words, treating them as sexual assault.

In these imaginations, rape is not a crime against a woman’s sexual autonomy or bodily integrity, but an irreparable loss to her chastity, “modesty,” and social standing. It’s my personal opinion that society will pay a huge price for neglecting their children. As per the citation from the Mahabharata, dharma eva hato hanti dharmo raksati raksitah (It is dharma that destroys when destroyed. It is dharma again that protects when protected.) The crux is nobody stands for you because nobody else has been raped. One needs huge courage to stand for this cause. The victim is on the verge of losing everything. Her social rehabilitation is difficult and her marriage prospects are next to impossible.