Courage – A gut feeling

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Courage – A gut feeling

Courage is a word and its meaning and perception changes from person to person. In this horrific era of catastrophe, there is nothing but faith is required whatever maybe the situation and circumstances. Only hope is prayers. We have lost our near and dear ones. For a temporary period we talk like saints but after the episode is over again the negative qualities in us crops up . They are dangerous than the virus — anger, jealousy, lust and all the demonic qualities in us rises. Courage is to transcend these qualities , to balance them , to transform them.

According to Paramhamsa Satyananda , founder of Bihar School of Yoga ,”Gita is not for one who has attained Peace. Gita is not for one who has renounced. Gita is not for one who is dead. Gita is for one who has to step up in the turmoil and the wilderness of life. Nothing but confusion, nothing but troubles, nothing but dejections. Every were you find wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and for such person is Gita. Remember that the knowledge of yoga was imparted by Lord Krishna to Arjuna right in the midst of the battlefield. It was not given to a sannyasin, but to a person who was living in the world, a warrior who was confused about the problem of right and wrong. Thus you will see that yoga does not mean performing a few asanas or pranayamas, although this is important, nor is it meant for sannyasins only. Yoga is actually meant for people in the world who are faced with the day-to-day problems and realities of life.”

Our own vibrancy comes from involvement with others, from contributing our talents, our hearts to one another’s daily travels. We need to take note, today, of all the opportunities we have to offer a helping hand to another person. We can notice too, the many times a friend, or even a stranger, reaches out to us in a helpful way. The opportunities to contribute to life’s flow are unending.To live means sharing one another’s space, dreams, sorrows, contributing our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our arms to hold, our hearts to love. When we close ourselves off from each other–we have destroyed the vital contribution we each need to make and to receive in order to nurture life.

We each need only what the other can give. Each person we meet today needs our special contribution. Sharing is caring is the key.

Courage also means knowing one’s boundary and limits. Acceptance of the situation. Osho says, “Go into the pain of a situation single-handed, alone. Face the situation as it is, with no mind to explain it away. Just look into it without any thought interfering, and then there will be acceptance. It will not be a consolation; there will be great contentment. Suddenly you will see that you can accept, but there is no cause to it.”

Nobody wants pain – we would  all like to be free of pain, with an easeful body, a sharp, focused mind and a feeling of joy behind each and every action. There’s nothing quite like pain and incapacity to make you realize your likes and dislikes. I hoist my sails with faith and trust and surrender to the sea. I try to sail happily through storms and calm, not knowing where I’m going, in pain, hungry – knowing “This too shall pass”. We have to accept our limitations too. When we needed help, we must ask.

Have you ever done anything deliberately to hurt someone, to get even with that person, or to gain revenge? Have you ever done anything subconsciously with intentions that weren’t noble?

Take a moment before entering a situation. Examine what your true intentions are. Do you have a motive, an agenda, a strong expectation involved? Have you been as clear as possible with yourself, and with whomever else is involved, about what you really expect and want? Or are you operating with a hidden agenda, hoping that if you force your will long enough, you’ll get your way?

Ask God to show you the intentions of the people you’re involved with. Sometimes they don’t know, themselves. Sometimes they do, but they’re not telling you. In those circumstances, you’re being set up for a manipulation and possibly some pain. Be clear on your intentions. And stay as clear as possible on what other people want from you.

God, bring to light my intentions and motives, and the intentions and motives of those with whom I interact. After you have focused and clarified your intentions, then let your intentions go. Sometimes in life we can’t get what we want. Other times, we can. And sometimes the journey to getting there is full of twists and turns, much more of an adventure than anything we could have planned.

Courage for me is finally , accepting the situation as it is , be in the present and striving for excellence within my limits and boundaries. We often need to change our position so we can see things differently. We don’t have to make a dramatic change; we just need to move around a little. Perhaps an unresolved issue is blocking our vision, blocking us from seeing the beauty that’s there. Maybe a bit of anger or self-contempt is interfering with our vision. Learn to change your perspective. Maybe you don’t need to change what you’re looking at. You just need to change where you stand.

Concluding with a Prayer, “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change;Courage to change the things I can; and Wisdom to know the difference.Thy will, not mine, be done.

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Some random thoughts of a barren mind

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People ask me, ‘Why are you single?’ You’re attractive, intelligent and creative. My reply is I’m overqualified. So disgusting to hear again and again. It doesn’t matter if the question is coming from family, my friend or random strangers—it’s an inquiry that suggests that because of the man I am . I’ve joked around and told people that not everyone can handle my flavor of awesome. I’ve said that I am too busy with work. There have been times I’ve whimsically replied that whenever it’s meant to happen it will and cynical moments where I said well maybe I am meant to be single forever.

These lessons I’ve learned have not been overnight. This in depth and sometimes scary self-work has been done sitting by myself, learning that I am enough just the way I am. I don’t just want company—I want to be wowed, and in all honesty I’m not wowed that easily. I don’t really want a girlfriend. I’m not looking for a bargain basement kind of love. It’s okay that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea—but what I am will be the right fit for someone who understands the complexities of my contradictions. Relationships aren’t just for pleasure but also for self-growth. I couldn’t just team up and date random people like so many seem satisfied with. It was as if something was wrong with me because I didn’t feel a strong desire to fill my social calendar with those wanting to take me to dinner. I realized that I am in love with myself. Does that mean I am a brilliant man? No, I am eccentric. Yes, there’s the little voice in my head that whispers that this might make me a better partner.

Maybe. I guess there’s still some social learning to unlearn. And there is the expectation to let go off that I will find true fulfillment only through a partner: the internalized matrimania. I have spent 40 years building a life that I didn’t really choose. It’s time to start making my own bricks and start living. As the poet Robert Burns said, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Of course none of us are mice and not all of us are men, but the gist of it is you can make plans all you want to but that doesn’t mean they will turn out. There is a purpose for every life, and not everyone’s destiny will be the same. Ultimately, the only things we can control are our own choices. Decide to be someone who contributes to the betterment of the world, regardless of your relationship status. When it comes right down to it, do you want to be remembered for the fact that you were single or married or for the impact you had on people?It’s nice to have people come through when you hid a bump in the road, even if it means that some people don’t. So What ? Being Love .

Life is always a mystery… we never know… People come into your life like a traveler and fly away like a traveler…Gone are the days of mutual relationships… be it family bonding or friends… Sometimes life becomes a momentary halt and sometimes a move on theory… We live, we die! We say hello and we say goodbye… When I think about a journey, a picture of a long dusty road reminds me… I felt purposeless. It felt like I had nothing to do, but just stand in the middle of the quad. I felt lost…I have learnt a lot so far from my personal life experiences. I had good and bad experiences. My heart has been broken. I have lost some close friends and relatives but then life would surprise me with something way better than what I had before. “Admi musafir hai… aata hai jaata hai…” and another on ‘ Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hun mai… The Journey does have a beginning and an end but does not have a clear given destination when you start out. There will be weather changes on the way and that means a change in plans. I find myself at a crossing of the roads again right now and I have pulled off onto the roadside to rest a while and ponder which way to take at the crossing. But I will take your comments and listen to your advice while I sit here.The real journey lies ahead, the journey from adulthood to old age. I only pray this journey includes many travels and few destinations. Zindagi ka phalsafa kya hai dost ? I am in a constant search !

The Color of my choice

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The Color of my choice

I don’t have fixed choice of colors rather I prefer the rainbow.

Colors hold significance for people around the world. Not only do colors influence emotion, but they also hold meaning in religion and various cultures.

When something is seen as opposite, extreme, or a firm position, it is said to be “black or white.” When something is not clear or not in a firm position, it is said to be a “gray area.” The blues describe a form of music.

There is a large asemblage of emotional responses that are associated with colors. Some of these are obvious, some obscure. Certain associations are specific to a country or region, while others are universally recognized—being rooted in human anatomy or observable natural phenomena. 

Blue is often associated with sadness in the English language. Blue is also used extensively to represent calmness and responsibility. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. Blue is also associated with peace and has spiritual and religious connotations in many cultures and traditions , for ex Virgin Mary wears blue robe.

Blue often represents the human emotion of sadness and red says look at me, I’m on fire. it has nothing to do with confidence. It also says. if you want this, come and get it………..When people communicate, they don’t only use words. They use symbols, body language, clothing style, song, artwork and yes an occasional rude hand gesture. ……..another meaning that is ascribed to the color red is passion. This can refer to love or anger but is probably more associated with love. Yet again the reason for this is blood. When a person becomes passionate, his heart rate goes up and his skin flushes as blood is pushed outward to the surface. This causes the entire body to become more reddish. Love is also associated with the heart, which of course is red and full of blood. The heart is the very thing that moves the blood through our body and is the one organ most closely associated with it. Because a person’s skin becomes reddish when enflamed in the throes of passion, red is associated with passion, anger and love.

Colors were so powerful in traditional cultures that red objects were believed to convey health through their color alone.  In Rome, children wore red coral as a talisman to protect them from diseases, and in China, for similar reasons, children always wore a piece of red clothing. Colors are imbued with great symbolic power. Even in the modern English-speaking world, where  superstitious beliefs   have largely faded in the light of scientific knowledge, many colors have retained their ancient associations.

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Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose

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Strength is the secret to a safe backbend. Learn how to activate your abs for support in Cobra Pose.

A rock climber scaling the side of a mountain peak finds the courage to reach for the next handhold from knowing he’s safely tethered to her guide rope. It’s the same with yoga. You can dare to explore challenging poses if you know how to safely enter and come back out of a pose whenever you want.  

Bhujanga, the Sanskrit word for “snake,” is derived from the root bhuj, which means “to bend or curve.” The king cobra, revered in Indian myths, can glide forward while lifting the upper third of its body upright. Try to emulate this animal’s powerful yet fluid motion when you practice. Imagine your legs as the snake’s tail, reaching long behind you as you curve your spine to lift your chest majestically. 

 Bhujangasana acts like a pressure cooker, forcing energy down the spine with ever increasing pressure. As the posture develops, the pressure reaches swadhisthana, storehouse of the samskaras, the deep archetypal patterns of the human mind. At every level, vertebra after vertebra, chakra after chakra, the pressure mounts, until finally the contraction gathers at the very root of unfoldment of life- mooladhara chakra. All the pressure now is locked in mooladhara. Then, when the pose is released and the spine relaxed, the energy is launched back up the spine to awaken the higher centres. This is the realization of the tradition stated in the Gheranda Samhita: “By the practice of bhujangasana, kundalini is awakened.

Savour the Contradictions

We live in a very complex world with full of contradiction. We suppress, repress and try to escape. Yet we are not satisfied and keep on bickering over silly issues. Enjoying the contradictions is an art very few can handle. It can be hard to accept that our unconscious minds can control our perceptions and us, but acceptance of it leads to freedom.

We have a similar problem with waste residues from our past. We don’t seem to be able to bury bad memories; like the physical waste in the environment, they come back to poison us.
The best answer is to use waste, not throw it away. Instead of trying to bury the past, let’s keep it in view but let it be purified by the sunlight of honesty and humility. By admitting past wrongs and forgiving everyone involved…. including ourselves….. We turn waste into useful experience. Nature can do this with much physical waste, over time. we can also let our spiritual nature do that with the emotional and mental waste of our past.

Take for example a lotus. It never gets affected by its muddy surroundings. Accept yourself as you are and learn to accommodate others views. First we see a vision. Our soul tells us through the words and eyes of our heart. If you can’t see something clearly, the vision may not be complete. Take the time you need to think about it, to let it come into focus, to let the vision take shape in your mind.

To begin editing your life, simply think about your positive and negative experiences. When you determine what parts of your life are no longer serving you, make the commitment to remove them – though, it is important to remember that there is no proper timing or way to do this, and patience and compassion for yourself are always important during this process. Then, ask yourself what has brought you profound bliss and consider how you can make those experiences and beliefs part of your life now. With a little editing, you’ll be able to clear out what is no longer serving you and make room in your life for more happiness, love, and wisdom. Sometimes we are aware of a difficult task that needs to be done, and we think we require extra food to fortify ourselves in order to accomplish the task. Remembering that excess food incapacitates rather than strengthens is essential to our growth. A short-term euphoria is not worth the long-term anguish, which inevitably follows loss of control.

One Day at a Time – Living the Moment- Now

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Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, wrote five affirmations that became the principles of Reiki.

Just for today:

1) I will not be angry

2) I will not worry

3) I will be grateful

4) I will do my work honestly

5) I will be kind to every living thing

“Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to lick it one day at a time,” Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts cartoon gang once said.

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln once referred to the slogan this way: “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Sergio O., a man with over 29 years clean in Narcotics Anonymous, sees One Day at a Time as essentially being the same as N.A.’s frequently used mantra “Just for Today.”

“Just for Today to an addict means there is a responsibility to stay clean just for today. The addict mind always worries about what? I’m going to have to stay clean the rest of my life. So, he never stays in the moment. Just for Today helps the individual to stay clean just for today,” says Sergio, who has been helping addicts find recovery for over a quarter century.

“As you go on deeper into recovery, then the second stage of recovery, as I call it, happens,” he says. “Life gets real. We try to solve the problems of the future. So, that’s when we start learning to take responsibility just for today. When it comes to people, places and things we learn to be responsible, just for today. To stay in the moment.”

The intention behind taking it one day at a time grounds you in the present moment, which can be an incredible tool for addiction recovery, mental health, and spiritual wellness. Learning to stay present, often referred to as practicing mindfulness, is a skill that has been encouraged for thousands of years by spiritual practitioners as a pathway to the experience of God. More recently, studies have found that the practice of mindfulness reduces anxiety and depression while also improving cognitive ability and allowing you to enjoy life more fully. When it comes to addiction recovery, staying present means letting go of your regrets and refraining from worrying too much about the future, but instead finding peace in your present moment of sobriety. Allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and shame due to past behavior can lead to relapse, as can excessive worry about your ability to maintain sobriety in the future. By eliminating all worry that isn’t concerned with the here and now, you can focus on what you can control and practice letting go of everything else.

The one day at time has a double meaning to me. In one hand, it means I’ve avoided falling in the traps of anxiety for one more day. In another hand, it means I’m living my life one day at a time, concentrating on what’s happening today, not on what’s coming tomorrow.Anxiety can be intense, overwhelming, and crippling, but it can be beaten. Just remember: take it one day at a time.

Many people around us who dwell on the past or future try to draw us to their way of thinking. Even the whole concept of the modern day dream is geared toward the future. It tells us that if we acquire things like a good career, family, and house, then we’ll be happy.

The truth is all any of us have is today, since the past is past and the future will forever be ahead of us.What’s to come doesn’t matter as much as what I do today. That’s what one day at a time means for me: if I manage to make today matter, I’m a winner.

One day at time means staying at the present moment. Start right now to invest your time wisely. Turn off the tv and decide what would be the best use of your time. Live in the moment. Pray for guidance. Quiet your mind and listen for the answers. When the answers come, Take Action. Move forward and don’t look back. Success in life, just like in sobriety, happens one day at a time.

According to Ekhart Tolle,“Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you. Become aware not only of the emotional pain but also of “the one who observes,” the silent watcher. This is the power of the Now, the power of your own conscious presence. Then see what happens. Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”

Osho put emphasis on the present moment- living with awareness-mindfulness , “Yoga Can Teach You again how to Be Here and Now, ““How can this mind be taught Yoga? This mind can be taught Yoga because this future orientation is leading nowhere. And this future orientation is creating constant misery for the modern mind. We have created a hell – and we have created too much of it. Now either man will have to disappear from this planet Earth, or he will have to transform himself. Either humanity will have to die completely because this hell cannot be continued anymore, or we will have to go through a mutation. Hence, Yoga can become very meaningful and significant for the modern mind because Yoga can save. It can teach you again how to be here and now, how to forget past and how to forget future and how to remain in the present moment with such intensity that this moment becomes timeless. The very moment becomes eternity.” The Path of Yoga , Talk #8

“Wherever you are, in that moment, enjoy not asking for the future. No futuring in the mind, just the present moment, the nowness of the moment, and you are satisfied. Then there is no need to go anywhere. Wherever you are, from that very point you will drop into the ocean, you will become one with the cosmos. But the mind is not interested in here and now. The mind is interested somewhere in the future, in some results. So the question is, in a way, relevant for such a mind – it will be better to call it the modern mind rather than Western – the modern mind which is constantly obsessed with the future, with the result, not with the here and now.

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga has also reiterated the same thing by saying , “Focus on the present. Ignore the insecurities of the future. If something is going to happen in the future, why are you worried now? Perfect your present. The problem is that we are so tense that our past is tense, our present is tense and our future is tense. But yoga teaches us that the present has to be perfect. –{ Love and Sankalpa }

And he also added by saying , “If one learns to ignore the past, forget about future ambitions and concentrate on improving oneself in the present moment, one’s life will change drastically. Life is not in the past nor in the future; it is eternally in the present. Such life can be found through yoga, because yoga awakens the eternal present.”

So,One day at time means staying at the present moment. Start right now to invest your time wisely. Turn off the tv and decide what would be the best use of your time. Live in the moment. Pray for guidance. Quiet your mind and listen for the answers. When the answers come, Take Action. Move forward and don’t look back. Success in life, just like in sobriety, happens one day at a time.

Eat Healthy – Eat Dalia

Dalia or broken wheat is very healthy. It is full of those benefits which even wheat has. It is, in fact, healthier than wheat flour. Dalia is a really wonderful food for people of all age groups. Therefore, it should be included in our everyday diet.

Dalia is basically wheat with husk. Naturally, the husk makes this food rich in fibre, which cleanses the intestines and prevents constipation. Dalia with milk or vegetables should be consumed daily for best results.

Dalia is high in protein and less in fat, therefore, it is better than meat.
– Dalia, like any other cereal, is rich in fibre and therefore has a good satiety value and keeps you feeling full for a long time and prevents unhealthy snacking.
– Dalia is broken down or digested slowly and is also absorbed slowly into the bloodstream and therefore is safe for diabetics as it does not cause rapid shooting up of blood sugar levels.
– Dalia is said to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and therefore is healthy for the heart.
– Dalia, just like oats and cornflakes, is said to be good for losing weight. This is attributed to its high fibre content.
– Dalia is rich in proteins and therefore is good for the muscles.
– Dalia provides energy for longer periods of time keeping you fresh throughout the day.

Dalia is commonly made in households across India, either in breakfast with milk or cooked with spices to make a savoury dish. Dalia can also be used to make a snack, kheer, khichdi, pulav etc.
Just like other breakfast cereals, Dalia can be easily blended into our diets!

Since dalia is rich in fibre and takes longer to get fully absorbed, it will leave you fuller for long. You will not feel hungry as quickly as you may feel after eating some other foods. A smaller portion of dalia can satisfy your hunger.

Turmeric – The life saviour

Whether or not you are into fitness, we reckon you must have heard about the concept of ‘detox’ or ‘detoxification’. To detox yourself simply means to give your body a break and bolster it with nutrients your regular diet may have lacked, of late. If you feel your poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and pollution are making it increasingly difficult for your body to be in its prime shape, perhaps you are in need of a detox. Did you know your kitchen pantry is packed with spices and herbs that could not only revitalize you from within but also take care of many of your health concerns? Spices are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, but they are so much more than mere flavouring agents. Among them, turmeric (haldi) has proved its worth in rejuvenating the body and flushing out toxins from it and this is why turmeric water may help you detox.

Benefits of turmeric mixed in warm water:

Normally, water is a great detoxifier, but by adding turmeric into it gives even more better results for suppressing the fat.
There is an active ingredient present in turmeric called as ‘curcumin’ and that works wonders for weight loss.
It is an ingredient which has good properties of weight loss.
Curcumin in the golden spice is not absorbed highly and one best way to let it absorb in the body is to mix turmeric in water along with the black pepper powder.
These two ingredients (turmeric and pepper) mixed will help in losing weight and cutting the fat inside the body.
It cleanses the body and helps to detoxify the body.
This drink should be consumed on an empty stomach every morning for good results.
It also helps in good digestion as the turmeric helps in producing bile in the body.
Benefits of using turmeric other than weight loss:

Turmeric has got good anti-inflammatory properties and is an effective anti- oxidant.
Turmeric is used to treat ailments like cold and is highly used in many kinds of home remedies.
It is used in many skin problems such as it is known to reduce acne problems which is a common problem in teens.
It fights and slows down the ageing process and is known to delay ageing due to its free radicals.
It is mixed with milk and applied on skin to treat other skin problems such as dark spots as well as protects the skin from damaging.
It helps to reduce the sugar levels in the body gradually.
It gives a bright color to the skin.
It also reduces the risk of causing cancer as well as helps those suffering from arthritis to a certain extent…

Life’s lessons are not taught in classrooms

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Character is defined by what we are willing to do when the spotlight is
turned off, when the applause has died down, and no one is around to
give us credit.

I entered my classroom , I became nostalgic. Tears were over flowing.You have become so popular in class and among all the teachers that you start feeling like a celebrity. Yes, you are the talk of the town.You are were a soft target of every teacher present in the school, irrespective whether they taught you or no. It remained in my subconscious level why I was disliked ? Even the crush remained a love forever O,baby. The frontbenchers follow the rules, and know how to make the rules whereas the backbenchers often don’t follow the rules, and know how to make and break rules. Today I will stop and ask, “How important is it?”

So much energy is wasted when we try and win an argument, insist on providing our point, or try to convince the other person we are right. And when energy is depleted in this way, we certainly are not happy.Take a few moments and remember what this arguing feels like in your body.Now take a few moments and let your body remember and feel the release of letting go … of knowing you are right for you and it does not matter what anyone else thinks.They prefer to believe that man is the chance product of evolution; that God, the Creator, does not exist. “I can only report that I have experimented with both concepts and that, in my case, the God concept has proved to be a better basis for living than the man-centered one. “Nevertheless, I would be the first to defend your right to think as you will. I simply ask this question: ‘in your own life, have you ever really tried to think and act as though there might be a God? Have you experimented?

Saala khadoos bole mujhe

Toh kya hua wo…Main zara sa sarfira

Raahon pe nidar chala…Gussa mera gussa mujhe chalna sikhaaye

Fitoor ye fitoor mujhe raah dikhaaye

Duniya ki reet mujhe samajh na aaye ,Jaaunga bekhauf jahaan raahein leke jaayein !