My Mentor ~ An Accolade


My Mentor

“Self-leaders are still true leaders even if they have no known followers. True leaders inspire by the influence of their characters and general self-made brands. Leadership is defined by the virtues of one’s behaviour.”  – Israelmore Ayivor

The definition by the above stated author truly describes my mentor Dr. Bhabani Dixshit. Humble,transparent,simple , adorable, grounded and a humanist approach towards life. He is an activist, Journalist, Presently Managing Editor, World Focus based in New Delhi.

Earlier I was writing but not putting efforts . Dr Dixshit introduced me into this wide writer’s space and journalism. He is an expert in international relation and political development across the country. Learning the trade took a long time for me, you have to learn how to be a good interviewer , listening habits and reading from craps to classics , anything no matter what. It needs an in-depth study, serious and little bit investigative.

Now, due to social media , fb, twitter , blogs , something worth while will come after evolution.  A new development has come up , resurrection of journalistic approach calling a spade a spade. You don’t need a prominent space or recognition to achieve that. Finally, the bottom-line is to practice the rudimentary the human nature. Many outlets of creativity on the floor,

Finally, One has to chose someone having a similar bend of mind , similar approach, same functional area and further who shares your values. The more you understand each other , the more you flourish. I am thankful and grateful to Dr.Bhabani Dishit.






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