The calling is a journey of a troubled and unstable soul. In fact we are in the same boat as Arjun is. Coping up with family, job and life , finally a person hits his rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom is bouncing back. Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom because you will discover that He is at the bottom.

Sometimes we’re mistaken about the source of our unhappiness. We walk around with a short fuse, ready to explode if anyone crosses our path. Then, when we do explode, we think it is the other person’s fault. At other times we have frightening physical reactions and worry that something is wrong with our bodies. But we are not aware that a deeper feeling of not being able to stand ourselves causes the problem. Most of us have problems accepting ourselves. When we make peace with our consciences, some of our problems vanish. Other problems may never disappear, but our pain is eased because our inner battle has ceased and we have the energy we need to cope.

We all have our callings, some are aware and some are not. The karmic cycle , we get what we have done . It is very simple. We don’t many wrongs being unaware. Unacceptance of our mental slavery, we land in abyss. We have lost our inner voice in the cacophony of life. It not something physical rather it is an emotional and spiritual place within us.

Arjun’s life like ours is too busy , anxieties are too great, the whisper of the Sadhu ( inner voice )tends to become louder. It becomes a knock. And sometimes it becomes a ton of bricks falling on the head or a sickness that forces one to slow down and listen.

We can learn to listen for this voice. We can withdraw from the mundane of the world and cacophony of our mind, even if only for a moment, to stop and breathe – to meditate. Meditation is the silencing of the mind so one can hear one’s own life speaking to us. Meditation helps us reach a deeper place within ourselves where we can bring forth new revelations and visions, deeper insights and healing, greater love and peace. Meditation will provide a roadmap to our calling.

Our own discovery is important in life rather than others or reforming others. Introspection, inventories while meditating, we recognize our wrongs and try to make amend on that. That’s why spirituality is selfish. Self care is a divine responsibility. Because if we are OK than we can take care of others. So this is the  priority. First things first. Abandoning one’s will to God’s will ( Ishwara Pranidhana) is highest practice one can do to cultivate spiritual awareness . is not only a mental sadhana. Outer changes also help to attain ishwara pranidhana ( Thy will be done ). What made St Francis of Assisi a saint? It was not his realization of God or Christ, or religion, or his compassion and love. It was the vow he had taken of poverty and chastity. To move from a life of luxury to a life of poverty and to maintain the discipline is very difficult. Do we have the capacity to make external changes in our life, to take a vow and live it, or are we too weak and infirm? A vow, or vrat, reflects a change in lifestyle. Test yourself. Undergo a little physical hardship. One night a week sleep on a mattress on the floor. One day a week miss one meal and have something light to eat for the next. In this manner by adjusting certain situations and conditions and disciplining yourself little by little, you will find that your lifestyle will influence your mind and your mental receptivity.

This is what The Calling – Unleash Your True Self authored by Priya Kumar is all about a journey of freedom and a journey of self discovery.

Reviewed by – Siddhartha Mishra




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