My Story as Lawyer – NEVER GIVE UP


My Story as Lawyer – NEVER GIVE UP

I am sorry my dear Lawyer friends…I am dare to say something…………….If you like you can defame me…These are my experiences…

I am a victim of circumstances… I am hard headed… call a spade a spade… and due to this i do suffer……..I run through the street like a bull in a china shop… While there are good lawyers out there, there are some pretty rotten ones as well. Many of you have encountered corrupt lawyers, who sold out your cases to the opposing team, for money quietly paid under the table, in lawsuits you thought were rock solid.

Lawyers routinely take bribes under the table, from miscreants, in order to avoid going to court, where the full truth and extent of the misconduct committed against you will come out… “JUSTICE FOR SALE”… I am very ashamed of this Lawyer tag on me… I am a misfit…

I have seen lawyers who speak very high on injustice but in practice they do the opposite… Isn’t it a paradox? When you ask them they say it is our profession… and start giving advice on Bhagvat Gita… ” Karma and blah, blah,blah….” It sounds quite outlandish and obnoxious…

My experience as a Lawyer is quite bitter… I had faced some outrageous mob of some white collar criminals in order to save a senior attorney … a man of 75… I faced kicks and blows… my only mistake was why did i protect him? This is a question mark in my life… even I was terminated from bar for 1 month without any reason… and I celebrate it… Those who targeted me are now the so called messiah of society… very powerful lobby… They dictate everything… They can make a white into black and black into white…

Courtrooms don’t scare me. Crowds of people don’t scare me. I speak in public all the time these days and hardly ever bother to prepare beforehand anymore.

I’m just so sick of being under attack. ALL THE TIME. I was very high opinion of lawyers … mein wo karunga… mein ye kardunga…sab filmy hai… right now I am not prepared for life in a law firm. Law firms are populated by the evil, the malicious, the power hungry, the narcissistic, the delusional, the addicted, and the mice. If you are a mouse you are dead meat and you might as well take a legal aid job now.

As Churchill said: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up.”

I will bounce back…. SIDDHARTHA


One thought on “My Story as Lawyer – NEVER GIVE UP

  1. Great. Bravo. There are very few who can call ‘ a spade a spade’. But they are the pillars on who survives the humanity. They leave the permanent imprint fon the rocky face of time. Ultimate winners are those who stand and face. God bless you. All the best.


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