WOW – Write Your Life Story

WOW – Write Your Life Story in ten sentences

Hitting the rock bottom, I got know what is life. Often we long for some clear directions from God to tell us, “Now is the time to let go,” or “Now is the time to persist.” Looking back I got to know that my freedom to choose badly
was not, after all, a very real freedom. Within my fabulous new world,
I have found freedom from my fatal obsession as an addict. Emotionally, I had begun the fashioning of another sort of boomerang, one that almost killed me later on. Grateful to God I’m alive. Serenity and happiness have become much more important to me than the excitement of drinking, which lifts us up for a short while, but lets us way down in the end. Fear can be a steppingstone to prudence and to a decent respect for others and it can point the path to justice, as well as to hate in my life. I get angry, I feel hurt, but I land in a place of forgiveness and I set him or her free and I become set free from bondage. This is the heart of detaching in love and I will give myself permission to take care of myself in my relationships, with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual freedom for both people as my goal.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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