Exam excitement and fear go hand in hand


Exam excitement and fear go hand in hand

When we think of exams life is an exam isn’t it. I remember my school days and college years and exams at regular intervals. It brings a certain sense of euphoria and at times scary. Pass or fail! I remember my Std– 10th exam. It was on the day of Holi. The liveliness of colour and the fear of exam. A sleepless night can make you peevish and moody. There is no greater creative mind in this world than a bored and dull student. I was not studious.  I was young and had other things on my mind. The class had a midterm and a final.

I remember during my school days I had a crush on one my classmate. She was sitting behind me during the exam. We often have different centres during std 10th cbse exam. One can feel how romantic the moment. Eyes on exam papers and mind on her. I remember one time I actually studied and got a 2nd division . I was so totally shocked and wondered why I hadn’t done that for the previous twenty years.

But I find life is the greatest test. One after another you have to sit for the exam papers of life. Challenges, failures evolve you as a person. Success is a different matter. I have seen boys who scored high is papers, they have failed miserably in their personal lives. So it depends. A balance is needed. A world populated by souls that have demonstrated that their intentions are good and that they put the love and care of others first. Imagine a world like that. Let go of the fears of deprivation, of doing without, that haunt you from the past. Having more and more won’t solve your problem if what you need is to heal your fears. Look around with love at your life and the people in it. If you open your heart and look without fear, you may see that you have enough now.Let’s God’s will be done!


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