WOW prompt -I am Water – The unknown Autobiography


I am Water – The unknown Autobiography

I am the River which affects many human lives. I am used in irrigation and for drinking, and maintain the moisture of the earth. I have been contributing a lot to transportation as well. Ironically, today the same cities have become a bane for the rivers. I have a system to purge myself. When the filth crosses a certain limit, the self-purification mechanism fails. Here begins the problem. Today, a number of big rivers meandering along cities have become a sort of sewage canal.


I am a big need for all human beings. Plants cannot live without me. Animals and man need me to survive but I am being used heavily polluted. Industrial wastes being thrown into me, which damage the coral reefs and affects the sea creatures which reside in me. During summer, the water table decreases and crisis for me increases a lot. My soul gets ruptured, used, abused, and manipulated by governments and big corporate houses.

Can I not be conserved and used properly or can you please let me be in my flow? More than 800 million people in almost 40 countries suffer from water scarcity. Restriction should be imposes to artificial waterfalls, fountains, filling of swimming pools, washing vehicles and large water usage areas such as hotels and restaurants. The accessibility of fresh water is an important social justice issue, and this becomes increasingly the case as fresh water supplies become scarce.


Give respect to mother water. Don’t manipulate and exploit her. What goes around will come around. Water is not only a cosmic mirror reflecting all of creation back to itself in images of lakeside trees, animals that come for a drink, and the ever-changing water-bearing sky, but also a mirror for the inward-looking eyes of the human soul. Grateful is larger than life. I am grateful to all the water bodies.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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