A Walk Down The Lane – BOOK REVIEW


A Walk Down The Lane – BOOK REVIEW

A Walk Down The Lane- Novel by Arpita Ghosh Sarkar…Very Interesting… Meeting an old neighbor in a forest resort after a big yawning gap that to be after heavy work load i.e Shuvika aged 28 meeting joyneel aged 40    reminds me of Na Umar Ki Simaa Ho

Na Janam Kaa Ho Bandhan

Jab Pyaar Kare Koi

To Dekhe Keval Man…

This novel especially explores the human anxiety that replacing a heart is the closest one can come to replacing a soul. Love that sees no boundaries, no age… We all somewhere know this fact that true love has no limitations. Just loved reading it so much… You have touched the nerve and soul of the thing called ‘love’. I salute you for such a mature outlook. Your words were soaked in honesty. I can’t agree more to each word you wrote. Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth – it can happen to anyone, with anyone, at anytime… They read so convincing…Few lines I enjoyed “I am here because i want to take pictures, to paint your beautiful eyes, to win more and more awards, and I am here for the love of my life… I would not force you, but i need to tell you this …I love you… whether you do or don’t… I don’t care…”Through this novel, this is my pleading to all the readers to respect such relations. They need love and support more than required. It requires real feelings to convince your family about someone having a huge age gap. It is really hard facing society with dignity when they tag your relation as awkward.

Old souls are the sun. They are the spark. They are all the colors of a rainbow, and the depths of the earth. They may be misunderstood, but their’s  love is real, their’s hearts pure.Fall in love with an old soul and you will never fall in love again.



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