Balancing – Thy Name is Life #AtoZChallenge

Balancing – Thy Name is Life #AtoZChallenge


Today’s 2nd day theme is for the letter B. So I bring balance. An wholesome affair in our day to day life. Balance in all respect. Swami Niranjananda Saraswati , Spiritual Head of Bihar School of Yoga has rightly described balance , “I have taken it upon myself to excel in everything that I do: excel in anger, excel in compassion, excel in love, excel in understanding, excel in relationships, excel in communication. At all levels, excellence has to become the hallmark of my life, and there is nothing to negate.”

Life is all about balancing. We all strive for extremes whether career, relationship, food, money in all respect. We get frustrated in this rat race. We lose our balance. Our inner and outer life gets imbalanced. Poorly managed. It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us. Swami Niranjanananda SaraswatiBIHAR SCHOOL OF YOGA , Munger described , “Yogic lifestyle is not defined by how many hours of yoga and meditation you practise. That is irrelevant. Yogic lifestyle is the concept of living a harmonious and correct form of life.

‘Yoga and Lifestyle’. You have to understand the word ‘lifestyle’ in its correct context. What is the meaning of lifestyle? Lifestyle and life routine are two different things. Routine is what you do on a daily basis and lifestyle is how you live.You wake up at four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten o’clock. That is your choice and your routine. You eat your breakfast at whatever time you want, go to work at whatever time is defined, come back at a specific time, do your things at specific times. That is your routine, not your lifestyle.

Lifestyle is an expression of your personality, your traits and your character. If your personality, traits, character and habits are conducive to the attainment of peace, contentment and prosperity, and if they are conducive to the development of your spiritual awareness, then you are living a perfect life. If you find, though, your expressions are contradictory to your own inner aspirations, you need to modify your lifestyle, as lifestyle is an expression of the maturity of mind and emotions.

How you live, how you act in the world, how you respond to situations, all happen because of an inner quality and strength. That inner quality and inner strength is contained in the mind. You become what you think. Thinking and becoming, however, both have to be in sync with each other.”

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And it’s that process of commitment that heightens our self-awareness.
We learn who we are by listening to others, by sensing their perceptions of us, by taking an honest, careful inventory/review of our own behavior. The inner conversations that haunt us while we’re interacting with others are poignant guidelines to self-knowledge, self-definition. Just when we think we’ve figured out who we are and how to handle our flaws, a new challenge will enter our realm of experiences, shaking up all the understandings that have given us guidance heretofore. Everything that happens to you can be used, felt, shaped and transformed to further your journey. This process of growth, of side trips and healing, is your destiny, the magical journey of your soul.
Sometimes the lesson may be a simple reminder to see the sacred in your ordinary life or to practice compassion for yourself as well as for others. Sometimes what we’re going through is part of a larger lesson, one that may take us years to complete and comprehend. It’s easy to fall into the false belief that there’s some lesson that we have to push and struggle to learn. There isn’t. Balance , easy does it, faith this work , if you work.



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