Compassion leads to serenity

Compassion leads to serenity



The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured.-Dean Acheson

Whatever you do in your life if you don’t have atmabhava, you can never grow internally. Atmabhava means feeling the pains of others as yours. As we grow , we become more selfish , self seeking and self centred. In the rat race of life we become emotional and spiritually bankrupt.

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Each of our sufferings, sharing them as we do, strengthens us and heals our wounds of alienation. With humility comes the willingness to give of what we have and what we are right now, without waiting until we are more eloquent or more accomplished. What we have to share is what someone else needs to receive. By focusing more on the needs of others and less on the imaginary concept of ourselves, which is our ego, we learn to overcome our fear of giving.

Swami Niranjanananda (Bihar School of Yoga) says, “‘Spiritual Awareness’ comes not with ‘Meditation’, but with ‘Cultivation of Understanding’. He further said ,

“1. Love, or prem, which is not a conditioned love or an expectant love, but an unconditioned, universal love.

  1. Affection, or sneha, which does not have a motive, but is a natural state of being.
  2. Compassion, or karuna, which is not for the sake of gaining name, fame or recognition, but which becomes a natural expression of the human personality.
  3. Devotion, or bhakti, the key which links the individual with the higher being, which gives a sense of unity, a unifying force to the entire creation of which we are all a part.”

The development of these four qualities is the real sadhana, the real process of yoga.

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Love Thy Neighbour the easiest path of bhakti, seva and compassion. What a tremendous asset to have compassion for others! How difficult that same quality can make it to set boundaries! We’re all on a trip, following different road maps, but to the same destination. I will be ready to lend a helping hand to a troubled traveler. It will breathe new life into my own journey. Someone will be helped today by our kindness. Compassionate attention assures others that they do matter, and every one of us needs that reassurance occasionally.

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