Flora and Fauna – The basic of life

Flora and Fauna – The basic of life


I’m not looking for a path because I’ve found the forest.  The term flora in Latin means goddess of the flower. Flora is a collective term for a group of plant life found in a particular region. The whole plant kingdom is represented by this name. Fauna represents the animal life indigenous to a region. There are many explanations regarding the origin of the word. As per Roman mythology, Fauna or Faunus is the name of the goddess of fertility. Another source is Fauns which means forest spirits.


The very air we breathe and the food we eat, the medicines that cure us, and the water that keeps us alive would not exist were it not for flora and fauna. All things in an ecosystem are interdependent. The existence of one species may depend on the health of another, such as the relationship of bamboo forests to pandas. Pandas only eat bamboo shoots, so the destruction of the bamboo forests in China resulted in the endangerment of the Panda, due to starvation and loss of habitat.


Nature is, and has always been, valued for its aesthetic values. In an increasingly commercialised world which can often feel cold and empty, it is important that we have something inspiring and thought provoking to turn to when we need a break. Wild animals can fill this void, whether we simply visit a park and watch the pigeons for a while, go to the zoo, or are lucky enough to experience animals in their wild habitat.


The system is dynamic in that it relates to the movement of energy inside it, and plants are the primary source of energy for animals. Plants are eaten by herbivores, which are preyed upon by carnivores, which in turn are eaten by other carnivores. Decomposing organisms attack the dead parts of the living system, including excrements or metabolic wastes from other decomposers. Decomposition breaks down the compounds in such a way that carbon dioxide, water and other inorganic matters fractionated by scavengers and other organisms can then be reabsorbed by plants.

Image result for destruction of environment

Therefore a balance is needed. As forests, wetlands, prairies, coastal estuaries and other habitats are converted to residential, commercial or agricultural use and other types of development, wild plants and animals vanish. This will have direct bearing on the sustainability of human life.

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