Gratitude is the Answer

Gratitude is the Answer


I would like to share with you a quote by Osho that really spoke to my heart and inspired me this morning: “Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed – even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies. Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favorable circumstances, unfavorable circumstances – all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed and become a Buddha. Be grateful to all. To those who have helped, to those who have hindered, to those who have been indifferent. Be grateful to all, because altogether they are creating the contexts in which Buddhas are born – in which you can become a Buddha.” We are all unique expressions of the Whole; essentially One soul .

Sometimes in life, things happen too fast. We barely solve one problem when two new problems surface. We’re feeling great in the morning, but we’re submerged in misery by nightfall.Every day we face interruptions, delays, changes, and challenges. We face personality conflicts and disappointments. Often when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we can’t see the lessons in these experiences.One simple concept can get us through the most stressful of times. It’s called gratitude. We learn to say, thank you, for these problems and feelings. Thank you for the way things are. I don’t like this experience, but thank you anyway.


Force gratitude until it becomes habitual. Gratitude helps us stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key that unlocks positive energy in our life. It is the alchemy that turns problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts. When people are grateful for what they have, they will experience a great deal of happiness in their life. When the individual is constantly lamenting their lot, it will be impossible for them to find peace of mind. Gratitude is not about what people have or do not have. There are billionaires who still do not feel satisfied and poor people who feel they have everything they need. The tendency to feel grateful is a mental attitude that can be developed. Give both the good and bad to God. Of course , that doesn’t mean that you should deliberately do things that are bad, but hen you cannot help yourself because of too-strong habits , feel that God is acting through you . Make Him responsible. He likes that ! For He wants you to realise that it is He who is dreaming your existence. Love Thy neighbor as Thyself. Thy will, not mine , be done .

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Gratitude and acceptance are two magic tricks available to us in recovery.No matter who we are, where we are, or what we have, gratitudeand acceptance work.We may eventually become so happy that we realize our present circumstances are good. Or we master our present circumstances and then move forward into the next set of circumstances.

If we become stuck, miserable, feeling trapped and hopeless, try gratitudeand acceptance. If we have tried unsuccessfully to alter our present circumstances and have begun to feel like we’re beating our head against a brick wall, try gratitude and acceptance.

If we feel like all is dark and the night will never end, try gratitude and acceptance.If we feel scared and uncertain, try gratitude and acceptance.If we’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work, try gratitude and acceptance.If we’ve been fighting something, try gratitude and acceptance.When all else fails,still do it mechanically but do it sincerely , the belief will come .Gratitude and acceptance work.

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Today, I will be grateful to my every suffering, pain, trobles and little success.I will start the process of turning today’s pain into tomorrow’s joy. I will display gratitude, peace, and dignity when life gets my attention.I will remember that it’s okay to accept the temporary discomfort from awareness because I can trust that it’s my Higher Power moving me forward.

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