Healing – Thy name is Peace -AUM

Healing – Thy name is Peace -AUM


Healing is Letting go and Let God

Swami Satyananda Says, “Selfless action in itself is yoga. If you have understood yoga and spiritual life to be sitting in the lotus posture with eyes closed, you have misunderstood yoga and spiritual life. If you think that the actions and activities of life do not contribute to the growth of spiritual consciousness, you are making a great blunder! Man cannot evolve without action. He cannot overcome his faults without action.”

In other words, miracles, in the popular sense of the word, can and do happen as the result of a change of consciousness, and a change of consciousness is usually accomplished through prayer. Thus prayer does change things.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”-Isaiah 55:9

Faith is the bridge between you and God. It is the bridge that God has ordained. If all were seen and known, there would be no merit in doing right. Therefore God has ordained that we do not see or know directly. But we can experience the power of His spirit through our faith. It is the bridge between us and Him, which we can take or not, as we will. There could be no morality without free will. We must make the choice ourselves. We must make the venture of belief.

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Healing is a slow process. These things keeps me going, “Pain is the touchstone of progress”,”Fear no evil”, “This, too, will pass”, “This experience can be turned to benefit.” Letting go can be a gentle process. Our trust in our higher power and our faith that good will prevail, in spite of appearances, eases the process. And we must let each experience end, as its moment passes, whether it is good or bad, love or sorrow. It helps to remember that all experiences contribute to our growth and wholeness. No experience will be ignored by the inner self who is charting our course. All are parts of the journey. And every moment has a gentle end, but no moment is forgotten.

Let Thy will , not mine , be done – The highest sadhana one can do to cultivate spiritual awareness is ishwara pranidhana, which is the final niyama. Ishwara pranidhana means ‘let thy will be done’.It is the end of the final niyama in Yoga.

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4 thoughts on “Healing – Thy name is Peace -AUM

    1. Thanks Priti , I am not that qualified to write in speaking tree. I am the slave of my Master. He is doing everything. I just flow. Thy will , not mine, be done .


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