I (Matters) = E ( GO ) Matters


I (Matters)  = E ( GO ) Matters

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The ” I” thing has damaged many people . The histroy has many examples. I brings Ego. We are attaching the Karta Bhava not God’s Will. I am not the doer should be the focus. When Krishna says, “Do your duty, without expecting results” – Karmanye Vaadhika-raste  , He means attachement brings Ego and to do the rightful duty with conscience and one has to face the Karmic debt. When One is attaching himself to certain things, Like I have done that …this . That means He is unconsciously feeding the Ego.

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Big-Shotism, selfish motives, self seeking, jealousy, envy these things are natural . They strike but one has to be aware by practicing being a witness and for this meditation and introspection is required. One must be sensitive. Before heading to sleep at night, one must review his entire day — whether he became dishonest, self-centred, self seeking, hurt anyone. He must admit and ask for forgiveness to the Higher Power. And If at all such things crops up , he must be aware and do a spot check inventory and an willingness to admit his fault and if the fault is somewhere an equal willingness to forgive. An all-round forgiveness is important to lead an harmonious life.

Egodecotomy is needed time to time otherwise life will threaten us. We cannot change others but at least we can change our attitudes. It is not their inventory , it is our inventory.


Let Thy will, not mine, be done. – I surrender. By surrendering to God’s will , I understand my will better.



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