My first & best friend – My Dad



My first & best friend – My Dad

वृक्ष हों भले खड़े

हों घने, हों बड़े

एक पत्र छाँह भी

मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

तू न थकेगा कभी

तू न थमेगा कभी

तू न मुड़ेगा कभी

कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

यह महान दृश्य है

चल रहा मनुष्य है

अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से

लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

Even if there be trees (around)

shady and huge,

for the shade of a single leaf

don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask..

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..

You will never stop,

You will never halt,

You will never turn,

Take this oath, take this oath, take this oath

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..
It’s a great scene,

The man is walking,

in tears, sweat, and blood,

soaked, swathed,

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire… ( Harivansh Rai Bacchan )

My first & best friend, my strength and what not! When you are known to be a Papa’s boy, you know how much you are inspired by him trying hard to follow his footsteps. He is the only person around, where I don’t want to grow up, always want remain as his little boy, who walks holding his hands and still do when he is around. What I remember the most will be my initial school days where he used to sit with me morning till evening in the class, coz he didn’t wanted to see my tears. Years have gone by, but nothing have changed much when I see him waiting for me at home eagerly. I’m glad I’m Pa’s best boy, guess that’s what every son wants to be.

My dad told me to walk in the Path of Truth and Honesty and it is like walking in fire. Never to turn back.

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