WOW: A Drop In The Ocean

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WOW: A Drop In The Ocean

I remember the lines, “Dil bhi ek zid pe adha hai kisi bachche ki tarah,Ya to sab kuch hi ise chaachiye ya kuch bhi nah.” After passing out my graduation, I went to Delhi for holidaying in 1997. I uttered these lines to my cousin and my sister in law replied, “Toda Toda kar ke sab kuch hota hai. “ Those words ingrained in my mind still today. I understand and realised in this today’s world of surviving, a drop in the ocean carries lot of significance. “Toda hai tode ki zarurat hai” very well described.

Contentment brings balance in life. Whatever I have little I must be grateful to God. If I get 80 instead of 100, I must say thank you to God. Most people even not getting that much. Gratefulness and acceptance should be the motto of life otherwise life will go topsy turvy and wayward. I am not saying here to be complacent but striving towards better. Not perfection but excellence in life.  A spiritual progress not spiritual perfection. One day at a time.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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