NO – Is a Final Statement

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NO – Is a Final Statement

“Do not fear “the no.”You don’t always need to explain why you’re setting those boundaries, either. You can simply say, “I have to go,” or “I’m so sorry but I can’t come help you at this moment, please gimme a call or I have some other priority It may seem like a powerfully intimidating two letter word. But for such a tiny word, “no” is profoundly liberating. When you decide, “this does not warrant my immediate attention, or this is counterproductive we’re not doing this” you embrace your intuition. If at any point you’ve already thought about saying “no” to something, there’s probably merit for consideration. Saying “no” is your battle shield for deflecting distractions, staying true to yourself, and sticking to the course. Every time you agree to do something you do not believe is right, or want to do, it beats you up mentally. I know firsthand. People like to see progress. To create. The creative process is handicapped when you are playing dodge ball with bullshit you wish you had never committed to. Trust your gut—your brain will thank you. But don’t remove yes from your dictionary totally if i am for a good cause. Learn to say No, politely. Saying NO is a divine responsibility.

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Earlier I was too gullible and used by people and taken for granted. I was easily available to them and couldn’t deny. When I started to say No, first it sounds too arrogant to them but later on it became a habit. Priority is your own self than anything else. Listen to your inner voice always, first thing first. Saying is No is a freedom. Saying no is hard, especially for everyone who has gotten ahead precisely because they have said yes so often. Saying No is a divine responsibility and people’s actions are irrelvalent. It sounds quite awkward first but the habit of saying becomes automatic. But learn to say Yes , when you are for a good cause by not getting exploited.

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