Half Relationship

Half Relationships

A relationship is a relationship no full or half. It not a matter of one night stand rather the hallmark of every relationship is acceptance and commitments unconditionally. As a Lawyer, for a long time I had decided not to read about it, or write about it simply because it disgusts me. The thought of the situation itself does. I need to ask one thing.

It has come as a thunderbolt to me, that despite the importance given to relationship in Indian society, frauding and cheating on your gf or bf seems to treated very normal these days.  This is, of course, a massive generalization, but the amount of unfaithful Indian men who socialize quite openly with their mistresses astonishes me, and is not something I see quite as blatantly. Relationships forced upon young/old people, who are not given a choice in their partner, leading to great unhappiness later in life as they realize their incompatibility. Infidelity rate is way higher in urban areas. No study, would give you a correct answer. What is the point of survey when relationships these days are based on lies, deception and double dealing?  For some “adultery “is a crime against marriage while infidelity doesn’t attract any seriousness. Where there is emotional intimacy, there is sexual intimacy too. Extra marital affair, office romance, virtual sex, online sex, live-in relationships, same-sex affairs are escalating. Age gap is shrinking and contracting and more couples are into slippery affairs. Hence I am leaving the space without any conclusion. Let the readers decide.


“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend




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