I Turned The Key And Stepped In. What I Saw…

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WOW: I Turned The Key And Stepped In. What I Saw…

I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw is a deep silence. The silence was intriguing. It was nothing but memories of the passionate soul. I am astonished of the sudden outcome of the entire past.

Everyone of us has miraculously been called for to the road to recovery. We felt hopeless many times. We no doubt pleaded, aimlessly and to no one in particular, for help. And then it came. Many of us probably do not know just how. But we can look around at one another and appreciate the miracle in our lives.

It’s helpful, though, if we learn from our mistakes; repeating the same mistake repeatedly leads us to nowhere. And expecting different results from the same old mistakes-well, that’s what we call “insanity!” It just like hell and a foolishness. Mistakes are a very vital and important aspect of being human. For particularly stubborn and insane people like addicts, mistakes are often our best teachers. There is no shame in making mistakes. In fact, making new mistakes often shows our willingness to take risks and grow. Failure and mistakes evolve us. We grow and accept and acceptance leads us to recovery and new spirit is born out of it. A spiritual growth is the calling.

Awareness, clarity of thoughts , acceptance and attitude is the hallmark of life. We fall, we grow and we experience and realise. I often pray to God to  grant me awareness of what I meed to do to take care of myself.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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