Once, During A Rainy Day…

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Once, During A Rainy Day…

Once is a rainy day , I got stuck somewhere , where I had a talk two wolfs of my life. There is a fight between the wolfs of my life. The first wolf was full resentment , anger , frustration , revengeful , egomanic, big-shot-ism, self pity , self delusion , self centredness , arguments , criticisms and retaliations. The second wolf was full of acceptance, forgiveness, love, tolerance , kindliness, compassion, empathy , self-restraint, detachment and witnessing.

The first wolf engulfed my life totally. I lost everything. I was in my rock bottom. I asked my Master, “What to do, I am in totally paralyzed. I had no vision. Which wolf to follow? “My Master replied, “ Follow which feeds your soul and your conscience. “

So we all face these two wolfs in our life. Pain can’t be avoided. It’s as natural as joy. We got into a lot of trouble trying to avoid pain. We have never accepted pain due our infirmity of will. Pain and pleasures are part of life. A person who attains one-pointedness in his life, pain and pleasure has no effect on him. Because He/She becomes a witness. I am discovering more of me in what yesterday God wrote and produced. The “musts” of yesterday have been replaced by the shoulds and needs today. I am free to listen and consider the person because he is a person and not simply because of his credentials.

O Supreme Artist, let me hear You in the whisperings of Your creatures.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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