‘It Was My Last Day In The City…’

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WOW- ‘It Was My Last Day In The City…’

I was pretty amazed what a journey I covered —– a copy writer, a journo, a theatre artist, a teacher, a barista boy, a ticket seller at Inox counter, a Customer Care Executive at different call centres and now a Lawyer —– done many unconventional jobs…. Putting your head in the sand just doesn’t cut it when it comes to change. When you begin to face and accept where you are in life, you are gifting yourself the cool, clear power to do something about it.You won’t be able to take sustainable steps towards change until you look plainly at where you are and breath it deeply in … knowing that your choices got you to this point and that if you are unhappy then you are the one who needs to make the change.In my experience, I’ve noticed that the stories that touch people’s lives always seem to have something about them that makes us feel a strong emotion. Whether it’s nostalgia or joy that we experience, we often feel inspired or motivated to do something different in our lives, all because of a story. Dear friends you can start your life at any point.

Bombay a city of colour, light, action, drama, pain and comedy. I left my town Sambalpur , Odisha and landed in Delhi for my civil service in 1999. Destiny has a different role to play. Somehow I couldn’t qualify the UPSC but due to my flair for writing and weird superfluous thinking, I landed in the City of dreams , Bombay. Mainly Bombay and Pune has made an everlasting memories, I still cherish. Dreams unfulfilled – alcoholism ruined my life. This snap was taken by a spot boy of Pritivi Theatre at Juhu beach, Bombay, 2005!. For someone coming from a small town, the roads of a city are an entanglement, a mass of people running helter-skelter, destination unknown but with determination. They can be most unnerving and daunting  and can make you feel discouraged, unimportant and isolated. After coming from theatre workshop in mumbai , ” Kya Garibi Gunah Hai” , the script half written but the show goes on …. Cities can be cruel. The bigger the city, the more ruthless it is. Many a men come to cities with hopes in their eyes and hope fueling their passions and endless desires. The desolation caused due to sabotage of their dreams and hopes has been captured by Gulzar a few times. This song is always a part of my life. “khaali-khaali bartan hai, aur raat hai jaise andha kuaan…In sooni andheri aankhon mein, aansoo ki jagah aata hai dhuaan…”

Anyone who has lived unchaperoned, unassisted, solo in one’s own for long enough could understand what a gloomy , somber sight of bare , deserted utensils is. We are so used to  prepared readymade meals when we get home that almost everyone has faced the issue of not wanting to eat when living alone in a city life. The utensils in the room somehow seem to sneer at your unpopularity, rejections and abandonment, making it all the more difficult to survive.

But thanks to God, I was picked by HIM. So, no regrets. God has a planning for everyone. It is a purpose. May my life story inspire others! Motivating to fellow sufferers. Living one day at a time brings immense pleasure and solace to the soul. Each day, seek safety in God’s secret place, in communion with Him. You cannot be wholly touched or seriously harmed there. God can be your refuge.

I am learning and growing when I accept my mistakes graciously and immediately move to correct them. Most of the time, when this is done, the distress passes quickly and I can go on to other matters. It is ok to have pain, ok to cry and that is touchstone to success. This moment is sacred. All moments are sacred. They will not come again. Earlier I was complaining. But I accepted. I am grateful to everything, every pain, every assaults because they have given me space to grow and evolve. I know everything is temporary….this too shall pass. THY WILL, NOT MINE , BE DONE . Grateful Bombay. Amchi Mumbai….बेघर को आवारा यहा कहते हस हस,
खुद काटे गले सबके कहे इसको बिज़नस..
इक चीज़ के है कई नाम यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’




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