WOW- ‘Give Me A Magic Wand And I Will…’

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WOW- ‘Give Me A Magic Wand And I Will…’

Life is like a full circle. What goes around that comes around. The imagination gives us another tool: belief in ourselves. And the magic of believing offers us strength and capabilities even beyond our fondest hopes. It prepares us for the effort we need to make and for handling whatever outcome God has intended.

Although we can identify with other people’s feelings and situations, we are also not exactly the same. Our dreams and aspirations are different, our gifts and achievements vary,our personal individuality adds to the variety of life.Give me a magic wand and I will change my life. It is not selfish. Self care is not selfish. Sometimes in our lives, we can let go in an instant. We recognize that we’re dwelling on or obsessing about a particular situation, and we just let go. We drop it. Or we run into someone who has a problem, and we instinctively adapt a hands-off posture, knowing that it’s not our responsibility to takecare of other people. We say what we need to say, and we almost automatically let go and focus on taking care of ourselves.

Other times, it’s not so easy. I may be entangled in a situation that feels utterly impossible to let go of. I get enmeshed with a problem, or a person, that seems to compel us to hang on more tightly when letting go is the key. I know I shouldn’t be obsessing, but I can’t seem to stop.

I don’t ever have to feel guilty about sharing my feelings. It isn’t desperate or pathetic or weak. It’s self-care and there is nothing shameful about taking care of myself by unloading some of the pain I carry. My feelings are important and they matter — you matter — and if you’re hurting, you’re allowed to reach out. You’re allowed to be honest and use your voice. You’re allowed to take up space and talk about what you’re feeling. You deserve to make self-care a priority.

One of the things I had tried to do for many years was bury my feelings of grief and pain. I seemed to have managed that fairly well, but in doing so, I had also buried all the other emotion. I no longer took enjoyment in anything. My child’s smile evoked no feeling and I felt no pride in anything I did. I felt none of the love that others gave to me. As I started dealing with the painful feelings, the positive emotions emerged as well. But when I entered a spiritual programme , I nolonger regret anything , my past , my failures , my mistakes rather I have learned lessons and experienced.  I will open all of my body to receiving uplifting light and energy from the universe. I am not a talking head. I am a body, mind and spirit, alive in all of me.

Why Yoga is selfish ?

One day, while undergoing intense training, Swami Niranjanananda approached his guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, and asked, “If according to the masters and scriptures the aim of spiritual life is to serve other people, then why do we practise yoga? Everything we do in yoga is selfish. If we improve our concentration, it is our own concentration which is improved. If we awaken our dormant energies, it is our own energies that are awakened. If we improve our health, it is our own health. Whether it is mental balance, health, concentration, performance or management of sentiments, it is all directed towards ourselves. Why is the process of yoga so selfish when we are told to reach out to humanity?”

Swami Satyananda gave a beautiful answer, “It is true that whatever one does in yoga up to a certain point is for self-development. However, the attainments of those developments do not belong to the practitioner. They belong to others and they are to be shared for the upliftment of others.”

Man Plans….. God Laughs!

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2 thoughts on “WOW- ‘Give Me A Magic Wand And I Will…’

  1. A thoughtful musing! Charity begins at home and for a human being his/ her home has to be his / her body. A soul can reside only in this house…so better take care of this very body. Lets be more charitable towards self. They say that love yourself enough…then only you will be able to love others and spread that love!
    Loved every bit of the post.
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Starting Afresh


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