WOW: That Day Before Sunrise




WOW: That Day Before Sunrise

Life is all about Sunset and Sunrise. That day before sunrise was quite serene. The calling was quite clear- To Follow “Thy Will. “ – After hitting the rock bottom. After losing everything I found myself. I am grateful to every failures, taunts , abuses , insults because they are my teachers . I learnt after resentments. Not to dissent but to surrender to His will.

Many ask, “Why His will you often say ? You have have all power to change your destiny. “I stopped reacting to them . I cannot use my logic, argument, intellect because these things are obstacles to achieve my priority – self care. Intellect is a greatest barrier in achieving our priorities in our spiritual life. Einstein was highly evolved intellectually, but his final statement was ‘I do not understand anything’.

The little moments of the day are as important in building our foundation as the impact of great events. In the Bible, God tells us, “Be still and know that I am God.” Learn to silence the chattering of your ego, whether through prayer, meditation, or a long walk in the park. Find that place where you can detach from the pressures of the world. Find that place where your body and spirit work together in harmony.

Being aware of your true self is the best way to free yourself from the controlling, manipulative behaviors of others. You don’t need the right car, the right shoes, the right partner to be complete. All you really need is to be yourself. This I learned from my small life. Thy will , not mine , be done . O Shiva .

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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