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According to Sw Satyananda, founder Bihar School of Yoga , “In the physical body we have two types of energies. One is known as prana and the other is known as mind or consciousness. That means, in every organ of the body there should be two channels supplying energy. Modern physiology describes two types of nervous systems – the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, and these two nervous systems are interconnected in each and every organ of the body. In the same way, every organ is supplied with the energy of prana and the energy of mind.

In yoga, the concept of prana is very scientific. When we speak of prana, we do not mean the breath, air or oxygen. Precisely and scientifically speaking, prana means the original life force.

Prana is a Sanskrit word constructed of the syllables pra and an. ‘An’ means movement and ‘pra’ is a prefix meaning constant. Therefore, prana means constant motion. This constant motion commences in the human being as soon as he is conceived in his mother’s womb. Prana is therefore a type of energy responsible for the body’s life, heat and maintenance.”

Oxygen is by far the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Nearly half of all the atoms in the earth  are oxygen atoms. Oxygen also makes up about one-fifth of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is life infact. Oxygen is a gas, and prana is a subtle energy that is within oxygen. It is also within food, sunlight, water, the air in general. The body absorbs prana from the elements that contain it, and uses it in the body for every function that the body performs. Prana is both macrocosmic and microcosmic and is the substratum of all life. Mahaprana is the cosmic, universal, all-encompassing energy out of which we draw substance through the breathing process.

Prana is the foundation and essence of all life; the energy and vitality that permeates the entire Universe. Prana flows in everything that exists. Yogis do pranayama to master this subtle energy. You can also increase prana with sleep and meditation, breath, water, and food. Prana is the subtle energy beneath inhalation that lives in the chest. Apana is the subtle energy beneath exhalation that lives in the abdomen. If you would merge prana and apana, you would awaken kundalini shakti, the strongest manifestation of prana in the human bodymind. Thousands of years have passed since the idea of prana surfaced. Modern science has come up with incredibly accurate theories about energy in the universe and in the biochemistry of the human body. In describing the physical word, modern science is far superior to the ancients.

So in a nutshell Oxygen is the life force.

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NO – Is a Final Statement

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NO – Is a Final Statement

“Do not fear “the no.”You don’t always need to explain why you’re setting those boundaries, either. You can simply say, “I have to go,” or “I’m so sorry but I can’t come help you at this moment, please gimme a call or I have some other priority It may seem like a powerfully intimidating two letter word. But for such a tiny word, “no” is profoundly liberating. When you decide, “this does not warrant my immediate attention, or this is counterproductive we’re not doing this” you embrace your intuition. If at any point you’ve already thought about saying “no” to something, there’s probably merit for consideration. Saying “no” is your battle shield for deflecting distractions, staying true to yourself, and sticking to the course. Every time you agree to do something you do not believe is right, or want to do, it beats you up mentally. I know firsthand. People like to see progress. To create. The creative process is handicapped when you are playing dodge ball with bullshit you wish you had never committed to. Trust your gut—your brain will thank you. But don’t remove yes from your dictionary totally if i am for a good cause. Learn to say No, politely. Saying NO is a divine responsibility.

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Earlier I was too gullible and used by people and taken for granted. I was easily available to them and couldn’t deny. When I started to say No, first it sounds too arrogant to them but later on it became a habit. Priority is your own self than anything else. Listen to your inner voice always, first thing first. Saying is No is a freedom. Saying no is hard, especially for everyone who has gotten ahead precisely because they have said yes so often. Saying No is a divine responsibility and people’s actions are irrelvalent. It sounds quite awkward first but the habit of saying becomes automatic. But learn to say Yes , when you are for a good cause by not getting exploited.

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WOW: A Drop In The Ocean

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WOW: A Drop In The Ocean

I remember the lines, “Dil bhi ek zid pe adha hai kisi bachche ki tarah,Ya to sab kuch hi ise chaachiye ya kuch bhi nah.” After passing out my graduation, I went to Delhi for holidaying in 1997. I uttered these lines to my cousin and my sister in law replied, “Toda Toda kar ke sab kuch hota hai. “ Those words ingrained in my mind still today. I understand and realised in this today’s world of surviving, a drop in the ocean carries lot of significance. “Toda hai tode ki zarurat hai” very well described.

Contentment brings balance in life. Whatever I have little I must be grateful to God. If I get 80 instead of 100, I must say thank you to God. Most people even not getting that much. Gratefulness and acceptance should be the motto of life otherwise life will go topsy turvy and wayward. I am not saying here to be complacent but striving towards better. Not perfection but excellence in life.  A spiritual progress not spiritual perfection. One day at a time.


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My first & best friend – My Dad



My first & best friend – My Dad

वृक्ष हों भले खड़े

हों घने, हों बड़े

एक पत्र छाँह भी

मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

तू न थकेगा कभी

तू न थमेगा कभी

तू न मुड़ेगा कभी

कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

यह महान दृश्य है

चल रहा मनुष्य है

अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से

लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!

अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

Even if there be trees (around)

shady and huge,

for the shade of a single leaf

don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask..

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..

You will never stop,

You will never halt,

You will never turn,

Take this oath, take this oath, take this oath

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire..
It’s a great scene,

The man is walking,

in tears, sweat, and blood,

soaked, swathed,

(Walk on the) Path of Fire, (Walk on the) Path of Fire… ( Harivansh Rai Bacchan )

My first & best friend, my strength and what not! When you are known to be a Papa’s boy, you know how much you are inspired by him trying hard to follow his footsteps. He is the only person around, where I don’t want to grow up, always want remain as his little boy, who walks holding his hands and still do when he is around. What I remember the most will be my initial school days where he used to sit with me morning till evening in the class, coz he didn’t wanted to see my tears. Years have gone by, but nothing have changed much when I see him waiting for me at home eagerly. I’m glad I’m Pa’s best boy, guess that’s what every son wants to be.

My dad told me to walk in the Path of Truth and Honesty and it is like walking in fire. Never to turn back.

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LOVE – I rose in Love not fallen

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“ishq kī ishq-e-majāzī pahlī manzil hai

chalo sū-e-ḳhudā ai zāhidoñ kū-e-butāñ ho kar”

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार
किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार
किसी के वासते हो तेरे दिल में प्यार
जीना इसी का नाम है

Spirituality means devotion to spiritual rather than worldly things; it means obedience to God’s will for me. I understand spiritual things to be: Unconditional love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and humility. Any time I allow selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear to be a part of me, I block out spiritual things.

“I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”  – T.S.Eliot

I agree with these lines of T.S.Eliot.  Love and lust are two different perspective. Love deals with soul which is unconditional and lust is sensual, envy , greed , jealousy and accumulation and dependence. Ishq Hakiki is in love with divinity while Ishq Majazi is purely sensual. It has been very will described in this Video by Swami Niranjananda ( Spiritual Head , Bihar School of Yoga )- I rose in Love

Excitement and desire may be heightened by intrigue or our partner’s unpredictability or unavailability. We may remain attached and even crave our partner, but our discomfort or unhappiness grows. Instead of focusing on that, our hunger to be with him or her takes center stage, despite the fact that disturbing facts or character traits arise that are hard to ignore. We may feel controlled or neglected, unsafe or disrespected, or discover that our partner is unreliable, or lies, manipulates, rages, has secrets, or has a major problem, such as drug addiction or serious legal or financial troubles. For this we have adapt a spiritual way of life where we can start non attachment and acceptance.

Osho says , “”Ordinarily people love only when their conditions are fulfilled. They say, “You should be like this, only then will I love”. A mother says to the child, “I’ll love you only if you behave”. A wife says to the husband, “You have to be this way, only then can I love you”. Everybody creates conditions: love disappears.

Love is an infinite sky! You cannot force it into narrow spaces, conditioned, limited. If you bring fresh air into your house and close it off from everywhere–all the windows closed, all the doors closed–soon it becomes stale. Whenever love happens it is a part of freedom; then soon you bring that fresh air into your house and everything goes stale, dirty.

This is a deep problem for the whole of humanity–it has been a problem. When you fall in love everything looks beautiful, because in those moments you don’t put conditions. Two persons move near each other unconditionally. Once they have settled, once they have started taking each other for granted, then conditions are being imposed: “You should be like this, you should behave like that, only then will I love”–as if love is a bargain.

When you don’t love out of your fullness of heart, you are bargaining. You want to force the other person to do something for you, only then will you love; otherwise you will betray your love. Now you are using your love as a punishment, or as an enforcement, but you are not loving. Either you are trying to withhold your love or you are giving your love, but in both cases love in itself is not the end, something else is.

People come to me, they always say, “The other is not loving me.” Nobody comes and says, “I am not loving the other.” Love has become a demand: “The other is not loving me.” Forget about the other! Love is such a beautiful phenomenon, if you love you will enjoy.

And the more you love, the more you become lovable. The less you love and the more you demand that others should love you, the less and less you are lovable, the more and more you become closed, confined to your ego. And you become touchy–even if somebody approaches you to love you, you become afraid, because in every love there is a possibility of rejection, withdrawal.

Nobody loves you–this has become an ingrained thought within you. How is this man trying to change your mind? He is trying to love you? Must be something false, is he trying to deceive you? Must be a cunning man, tricky. You protect yourself. You don’t allow anybody to love you and you don’t love others. Then there is fear. Then you are alone in the world, so alone, so lonely, not connected.

If you understand me well, drop all fears and love more–and love unconditionally. Don’t think that you are doing something for the other when you love; you are doing something for yourself. When you love it is beneficial to you. So don’t wait; don’t say that when others love, you will love–that is not the point at all.

Be selfish. Love is selfish. Love people–you will be fulfilled through it, you will be getting more and more blessedness through it. And when love goes deeper, fear disappears; love is the light, fear is darkness.”


OSHO: “From his book Courage, The Joy of Living Dangerously”

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Justice in Dilemma

Justice in Dilemma

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“Justice? — You get justice in the next world. In this one you have the law.” –William Gaddis

As a lawyer when I ponder upon justice and truth I found blatant lies. Our judicial system is based on manipulative finesse and exploitative abilities of the lawyers. Smartness of the advocate or solicitor may allow the criminals to walk freely. Fairness of judicial system resuscitates the entire national edifice through distinguished and valuable verdicts, while maintaining symmetrical impartiality. The system ensures provision of justice to every citizen, irrespective of color, creed, caste, political affiliation, socio-economic status, prestige and degree of influence.

It is judiciary on which millions of people have struck their faith of getting justice. It has the capability of imparting justice to the aggrieved. As a lawyer I can say , “ Verdict has no meaning it is only for the rich and powerful . “  A question arises, “Does our justice system give equal treatment to rich and poor, equality of Justice? Our legal system is based upon dispute resolution between parties and not to determine right or wrong. An individual is either guilty or not guilty. The use of the term “innocent” is vastly incorrect and the general media should cease the practice when reporting.  Within our system, the more money you have, the greater your chances of having access to expert legal advice. Access to savvy legal advice increases your chances of receiving an outcome that is more favourable to you. Lack of money results in the poor rarely has the same level of access to legal services, or favourable outcomes, as the privileged.

My Experience — 4 years back I was fighting a case on behalf of the students pursuing MBA distant learning ICFAI, sambalpur . The ICFAI, duped the money of the students and wanted to shift the institute to some other place . On ICFAI side other associate of Lawyers and they  thrive under a political umbrella , there Chief is a National Secretary of a prominent national party, started creating delays… giving time petitions. I was calmly witnessing everything. They gave number of pleas that they were busy in some other courts and couldn’t come, so time may be allowed . I immediately inquired whether the concerned lawyer was in the mentioned court or not. However, after facing much of obstacles I won the cases & the students recovered there hard earned money. They assaulted me because I was creating obstacles in their path. They manipulate judiciary by putting pressure on the lower court through Justices at the upper court. They do under table business. Whenever before approaching for a case, I pray to God , whether I am fighting for a cause or just for earning money. Since 7 years I am working on my conscience. I have faith on my God’s timing. The emphasis is more on winning the case rather than ensuring that justice has been done. It is more important to see how smartly the case has been presented and how strong were the support arguments to influence the concerned honourable judge.

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Our “justice” system is all about lawyers making money, people remaining in elected positions of power, and winning an argument. We are far more concerned about the rights of perpetrators rather than victims and over the years interpreting law has become an exercise in creative writing, such as defining what the word “is” is.  Mr. Nikhil Wagle, an eminent Journalist rightly tweeted, “When u defend corrupt corporates/netas you have no moral right to speak about corruption free India.Big lawyers must understand this.”

India is free from the so called British Rule. From Cricket to

Judiciary India excels even Great Britain today. Naturally we are more British today than ever before. India badly needs today Indian Home Rule than ever before. The stumbling block for this Home Rule will be right from Indian Judiciary to Indian Lawyers down to political and apolitical elites sitting in National Capital Territory Delhi and State Capitals and exploiting the millions denizens. A Judge needs vacation. A Lawyer needs vacation. Both needs court rooms and files. Judges need salary enhancements and privileges and pensions. Lawyers need their fees whether the case is admitted or not and the judgment is in the litigants favor or not. They can dare for a Court Bandh or National Bandh. Where courts are busy in attending the appeals of their lower ones, and other such issues far away from the scope of the courts, humanity somewhere is left buried below the bunch of files which no one dares to uncover or we can say do anyone wants to extract these files out unless some political issue is attached to it.

Thus courts and judicial system transpire lifeline of every nation by providing breathing space and steadfast foundation for the victims and the feeble. The social order gets reinforced by excellence of judicial system and so is the case of moral values.

But still, I have hope on Gandhiji’s saying , ““Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

– I shall not fear anyone on Earth.

– I shall fear only God.

– I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.

– I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.

– I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”


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I (Matters) = E ( GO ) Matters


I (Matters)  = E ( GO ) Matters

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The ” I” thing has damaged many people . The histroy has many examples. I brings Ego. We are attaching the Karta Bhava not God’s Will. I am not the doer should be the focus. When Krishna says, “Do your duty, without expecting results” – Karmanye Vaadhika-raste  , He means attachement brings Ego and to do the rightful duty with conscience and one has to face the Karmic debt. When One is attaching himself to certain things, Like I have done that …this . That means He is unconsciously feeding the Ego.

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Big-Shotism, selfish motives, self seeking, jealousy, envy these things are natural . They strike but one has to be aware by practicing being a witness and for this meditation and introspection is required. One must be sensitive. Before heading to sleep at night, one must review his entire day — whether he became dishonest, self-centred, self seeking, hurt anyone. He must admit and ask for forgiveness to the Higher Power. And If at all such things crops up , he must be aware and do a spot check inventory and an willingness to admit his fault and if the fault is somewhere an equal willingness to forgive. An all-round forgiveness is important to lead an harmonious life.

Egodecotomy is needed time to time otherwise life will threaten us. We cannot change others but at least we can change our attitudes. It is not their inventory , it is our inventory.


Let Thy will, not mine, be done. – I surrender. By surrendering to God’s will , I understand my will better.



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