Life is a great teacher.  Life continues to teach through the various experiences as we grow.  From birth till death. Lessons that are not learnt well are repeated again and again. We must strive for progress not perfection. This is evolution.

I would like to share with you a quote by Osho that really spoke to my heart and inspired me this morning: “Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed – even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies. Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favorable circumstances, unfavorable circumstances – all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed and become a Buddha. Be grateful to all. To those who have helped, to those who have hindered, to those who have been indifferent. Be grateful to all, because altogether they are creating the contexts in which Buddhas are born – in which you can become a Buddha.” We are all unique expressions of the whole; essentially one soul. They are all teachers.

Life is like a traffic jam. We are all in Chaos. There are billboards advertisements making us aware where to pause and halt while carrying suitcase and baggage of life – experiences, memories and musings. The clock when stop, we don’t know. There are many roses and thorns in this solitary journey. Success and failure are all metaphors and perceptions.

When hit by the rock bottom – we must say, “Hey, baby, get up, never give up , first thing first , pain is the touch stone of success. It is a celebration in fact. Pain is growth, pain is celebration. And be grateful for the storms because the storm has made you the best sailor.

ye safar bahut hai kathin magar na udaas ho mere hamasafar , nahi rahanevaali ye mushkile ye hai agale mod pe mazile , meri baat kaa tu yakin kar meri baat kaa tu yakin kar,na udaas ho mere hamasafar !

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I know people – even good friends – who say that they have past life memories. It seems disrespectful to not believe them; after all, on what basis can I deny they are true? On the other hand, I am not able to believe what they believe because my own integrity depends on only accepting rebirth if I have adequate verification. I am sure what people perceive as past life memories can be quite convincing to people who experience them. Such perceptions sometimes arise in meditation, especially in the calm of deep meditation where dream-like images easily occur. I have visualized and “experienced” events in meditation that seemed real but turned out to be projections of my imaginative mind.Based on that belief people get engaged in different techniques and meditations to prepare themselves for their next life. If people know there is a way to prepare for and influence their next incarnation, it naturally reduces the fear of death and dying.Knowing your own abilities in that respect you gain confidence and the fear is greatly reduced or overcome.I can easily understand this perspective for it is one I held myself for the first forty years of my life. The soul is essentially stuck in a never ending cycle of rebirth which can never be broken due to the continual need to balance one’s karma. Some of this karma can be worked off in life in the form of good works, but this is seldom sufficient to work off the entire debt, which must be accounted for in the next life by having the soul take on an incarnation that may be more difficult so the ongoing karmic debt can be worked off.There comes a time when the soul has to prepare to leave the comforting sanctuary of the Spirit World and embark upon another journey on earth. The moment you choose to be reborn is the last moment you get to enjoy the omniscience of knowing who and what they are, and souls often spent their last moments in deep silence and stillness to fully appreciate the experience.“Human being” is just a mask your soul is wearing right now, and when your mask falls off at physical death, you return back home to the love and light from which you came.You are a miracle, and your life is not meaningless. You chose to be where you are right now, even if you are in a place that is really difficult to cope with.

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Life goes On – “खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं”


Life goes On – “खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं”


Moving across the bustling road of my city , I came across many people having their own interpretation of life, searching their own lexicon to give a new meaning to life…..some of them facing pitfalls………potholes , phobias, camouflaging their intentions, guilt, hiding their obnoxiousness and disparaging attitude.

While strolling towards Ashoka Talkies Road , I saw two beautiful women having penetrating eyes which speak volumes without noticing and acknowledging me ………..Its a pity, quite pathetic, a misery……so sad…..But life has no full stop….no red light……it has to move on finding its own way in an untrodden path….I was in a deep thoughtful mood witnessing my imaginations and ideas turning into reality. While sharing a cup of black raw coffee with my loneliness many ideas cropped up…….fighting with my inhibitions,phobias,a sense of guilt, something sinister…..horrendous ……..facing the music and dictates of life………

Finally, thought it was no use kicking against the pricks or kicking up a row/fuss with life. A sense of realization surrounded me…
Black raw coffee boasted my spirit level….I jumped up like an alien with full gutso and enthusiasm……a relief to my downs and lows…….waving a good bye……..Life has to move on………There is a song….by Gulzar —राह पे रहते हैं यादों पे बसर करते हैं ,खुश रहो अहले वतन हो हम तो सफर करते हैं !