WATCHED – don’t say a word… – A REVIEW

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WATCHED – don’t say a word…  – A REVIEW

You are being watched…. Maybe by just anyone …. Shhhhhh and that’s the punch line of the story narrated by the author Preeti Singh. Thrilling, suspense, anger, hate all leads to the living hell. The Karma – the crossroads.

This is a story a single lady who survives all odds to nab the culprit – Mr Jackel and Mr.Hyde. As the story progress, it leads various dimensions of life – love , murder …. Rest is you are watched … Be Alert. Kinjal , the protagonist here bravely and prudently proved her mettle in finding out the culprits to the books and Karma leads them to the gallows. You will find this story baffling and confusing. Unsolved mysteries hidden somewhere and the trick of the author. The more you dig, the more hidden agendas of the murderer. There are many speculations as to the identity the person behind the murders , but no speculation have ever been proven without a reasonable doubt and as time progresses the chance of ever discovering the true identity of the culprit, is even more unlikely. Some of the suspected culprits for the murders include physicians, doctors, workers, policemen and anyone else who had access to the materials and knowledge. Amber and Maggie – the bond is well established.

A detective story must have its main interest in unraveling the mystery. Crime fiction is one of the world’s most popular genres. Indeed, it has been estimated that as many as one in every three new novels, published in English, is classified within the crime fiction category. Amazing illustrations with simplicity – that makes the story spine chilling. A goodread.

Reviewed by – Siddhartha Mishra